Airway management of infants and young children is influenced by developmental differences in head and neck anatomy. Vivid Medical Centre provides airway management of Paediatrics and Neonates with utmost care.

Deal with childhood asthma and chest diseases with expert medical advice and care at Vivid Medical Centre. Identify the symptoms of chest disease or breathing difficulties early to prevent fatal organ failures.

Extreme care of new born babies are very much crucial for their healthy growth. The Paediatric department of Vivid Medical Centre provides timely support and care to the neonates.

Development delays in children leads to learning difficulties and other behavioural changes. Experts at Vivid Medical Centre detects and treats development delays in children at the right time.

Proper nutrition in children is important for a healthy growth. We at Vivid Medical Centre guides new parents regarding healthy and nutritious diet. Visit the Paediatric department of Vivid for your child's healthy growth.