Crown and bridges are the biggest alternative for missing or damaged teeth. The dental restorative procedure offers a natural look and helps to regain your smile. Visit our dentist and experience the most advanced oral care at Vivid Medical Centre.

Correct the conditions such as discoloration, misalignment and chips or cracks in the teeth with dental veneers procedure. The department of dentistry at Vivid offers Ceramic Veneers procedure with the highest bonding strength for a long-lasting smile.

Resolve your kid’s dental problems in a comprehensive way with our most trusted dentists. Our dentists are skilled in managing gum problems, cavities and preventive dental care services.

At Vivid, we provide a unique treatment method to find a solution for tooth decay. We offer dental fillings and fissure seals to restore the tooth in an effective way.

By adjusting the size, shape and position of teeth, you can also get a stunning smile. The department of dentistry offers Hollywood Smile Procedure by aligning teeth perfectly. Get the smile of your dreams with the most advanced Hollywood Smile procedure.

Now you can remove infected teeth and wisdom teeth with no pain. At Vivid, we offer highly-trained specialists to provide easy and painless teeth extraction.

Save your damaged tooth by avoiding dental extraction. Root Canal Treatment helps to eliminate dental infection and preserve your tooth the better way.

Enhance your smile and look beautiful with Smile Correction Treatment at Vivid. Our experts help you to regain confidence in smiling through procedures such as gum lifting, dental veneers etc.

Stains in the teeth make the smile worse. Remove teeth stains and smile back with an advanced teeth whitening procedure. Vivid Medical Centre offers specialized Teeth Whitening procedures including home teeth whitening strategies to uphold smiles.